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How an Affordable Electrician Aids in Home Remodeling?

January 28, 2024

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No matter how you look at it, home remodeling is a large undertaking. Most home owners lack the ability to ensure their remolded residence is functional and safe. You need to pay attention to the electrical instillation when remodeling your Home. You want to connect with an experienced, well trained, licensed and affordable electrician to manage any upgrades, to avoid expensive errors and prevent injuries. We at Margor Electric Inc. are here to help with all your home remodeling needs.

Remodeling your home isn’t just paint and interior design, the electrical layout of the area is just as important. Let’s look at a few ways an electrician can help you remodel:

Wiring Installation and Replacement

Replacing old wiring such as aluminum or Knob and Tube and replacing it with new copper wires is a significant step in remodelling a home. It should only be carried out by experienced and properly trained people. DIY tutorials make it look easy but there are many factors that are considered by trained personnel that ensure the installation is done safely and to a high ESA standard.

Main Service Upgrade / Panel Upgrade

The electrical distribution panel provides power to every single circuit in your home. The panel contains fuses or breakers which are there to protect you and you home in case of a fault of excess load on the circuit. One reason to upgrade your panel is to remove the old fuse style of protection and replace it with the modern circuit breaker protection which has many advantages over the older fuse style. The reason for a service upgrade would be to increase the total amount of power available to you to use. With older homes in particular you can run into issues were the existing service is no longer sufficient for modern day usage.

Light Fixture Installation

A crucial part of a remodel is lighting. Older homes usually only have one ceiling light located in the middle of the room and sometimes they don’t even have that one light. We are able to come in and add lighting to any room that is both energy efficient and beautiful. Ceiling fans can be a challenge to install in the best of times. They are heavy and cumbersome requiring special care to make sure they are fitted correctly. A professional electrician makes sure that all the complexity of installing new light fixtures is handled safely.

Appliance Installation

The rules regarding modern appliances have change significantly over the last several years. Many kitchen appliances as well as washers are now required to be installed on dedicated circuits. Remodeling you home makes it the perfect time to bring all these appliances circuits up to code.

New Outlets and Switches

When remodeling you home you may find that the outlets and switches are no longer in places that are convenient or make sense. You may also find that you want to add new, modern receptacles and light switches. An experienced and trained electrician knows what the minimum safety requirements regarding outlet placement are and if the area is going to be impacted by moisture other precautions need to be taken such as adding GFCIs and AFCIs to prevent the possibility of shock, electrocution and an ignition source for the fire.

Ensure Safety and Code Compliance

Electrical projects may seem easy on the surface however without the proper training it can not only be hazardous to you and your family but also extremely difficult to navigate and follow all the rules and regulations required to pass an ESA inspection. Electricians at Margor Electric Inc. are all trained to the highest standard in order to ensure that your remodel is both safe and completely code compliant.

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