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Our services include just about anything you could need in your business. Some of our more requested services are:

Electrical Engineering And Consulting Service

As a team of electrical engineers we support businesses by troubleshooting and solving many technically advanced problems. Our engineering department will recommend the proper solution to the problem and help fix it as quickly as possible.

Control Systems And Automation

Whenever you require experienced people to assist you in any kind of control and automation system, you can count on our engineering staff. This department has been successful in designing, manufacturing and servicing control systems for a wide range of industries. For more details look at www.margorautomation.com


As a system integrator we will meet the requirements in developing an automation solution with a commitment to provide progressive, user friendly and affordable system. Turnkey projects include PLCs, Touch Screens, AC/DC drives and wide range of electronic controllers. For more details see www.margorautomation.com

Power Distribution Systems

Every industrial business is adding or replacing production equipment and expanding facilities. Our team of experienced technicians will provide an excellent service by designing and wiring all kind of electrical power supply installations.

Production Equipment

Companies are looking for the right people to maintain and service electrical and electronic production equipment to minimize possible downtime. Margor Automation’s staff is also experienced with European built production machinery and is committed to assist businesses in achieving their production objectives.

Emergency Back-Up Generators

During power outages your business becomes impaired and manufactured product can be degraded. Margor Electric is specializing in designing, wiring and installing diesel or natural gas generators. We will provide a turnkey emergency power generation system.

Thermo-Graphic Inspections

Many insurance companies are requiring yearly thermo-graphic inspections to minimize the possibility of fire, because of deficiency in electrical distribution systems. Our company provides inspections to many businesses to locate problems and protect them against damages and downtimes.

Airline GPU Service

Many airline companies in Ontario are looking for experienced assistance in servicing and maintaining electronic and diesel Ground Power Units. Margor Electric is providing these specialized services for equipment made by Hobart, Unitron, Tronair, Rapid, Christie and Jetpower.

What to expect during your service call

Our technician will show up at the scheduled time in a van stocked with common parts and will be ready to work, and unless your repair is unusual he will be able to fix it right then and there. This saves you both time and money. He will give you options regarding your replacement or repair along with a price before we begin. So you know what it will cost and won't have any surprises at the end.

We have stringent requirements for technicians and take it very seriously. If we are sending someone into your business and we take every possible precaution to eliminate your concerns.


Our Technicians have been background checked and professionally trained to ensure your safety and comfort. Contact us today to schedule a service at (416) 620-6692

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